77+ Lovely Rain Crops You Must Plant In Your Home Garden

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In rainy season all kinds of plants will be very easy to grow our garden. Starting from plants such as beautiful flowers with a variety of plants that just as a bully or pest. And we certainly do not want our home garden to be the place of the growth of a liar plant, we want our garden to be a place to relieve stress, so we have to choose what rain crop is right for our garden.

While people are very interested in growing these crops, they also need to know some important things that are very important in their improvement and care. Choose plants that are beautiful and may be beneficial to us.

And for that, we should use non-toxic treatments just to eradicate these pests, because these plants are sensitive to a number of materials used in chemical insecticides. Maybe you plant your own crops from a little cut.

And besides that, some plants are very easy to die if lack of water. There are some important things you may need to know to take care of your carnivorous plants, from water to the kind of compact fluorescent light you need. Below are the rain plants that you need to have and you plant in your garden:

You can start clearing the grass to make sure all the plants you grow well and do not forget to always take care to make sure the plants thrive and bloom with beautiful flowers.

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